More Regarding Autumn Trees

Mistakes I made in placements of plantings in my various region-gardens (Mediterranean, Californian, etc.)

Bright fall colors stand out incongruously in Mediterranean garden/orchard, e.g. Punica, Hovenia, Cornus mas, Morus, Vitis, Cudromea[?], Mespilus, Platanus or., Quercus robur, Juglans regia, Castanea. Also fruit trees like cherry, apricot, peach/nectarine. These should all be placed with/next to North-Deciduous section. There are, of course, some perfectly suited (to Mediterranean gardens and California), drab, deciduous trees etc. all? from warm-winter climates?



Pistacia vera

Crataegus monogyna

Alnus spp. (not Mediterranean, but . . .)

Robinia (also not Mediterranean)

Elaeagnus spp., Hippophae, Shepherdia


Pear (some) and Apple (some)

Cercis siliquastrum?

Fraxinus ornus

Prunus domestica (and P. salic.?)

In Desert and Great Basin gardens (What about Forestiera?), all deciduous spp. should be drab, e.g. legume trees, Tamarix?, Elaeagnaceae, etc.

In California gardens, those deciduous spp. which are +/- showy should be grouped in a borderline N-coniferous sub?-section and/or in Riparian sub-section.

Cercis occidentalis


Acer, Platanus, Aesculus?

Vitis, Corylus, Cornus

Quercus kelloggii (but not the other deciduous oaks)