Important Variables to Consider for Choosing the Right Tree for the Right Spot in the Landscape

Important variables to consider for choosing the right tree for the right spot in the landscape

(This could/should be done either in chart form—to enable scanning for several attributes at once—or computerized.)

Basic size:  Big, Medium, Small

Basic shape:  Cone, Tall, Round

(examples of “tall” include Cercidiphyllum, Populus, Diospyros virginiana, Sassafras, Carya)

(examples of “”cone” include Liriodendron, Liquidambar, most conifers, etc.)

(examples of “round” include Aesculus, many oaks, Zelkova)

Deciduous vs. evergreen

Broadleaf vs. conifer

Basic branching type

Basic bark type

Basic leaf type

Basic flower/fruit type


Water requirement

Sun vs. shade

Fast vs. slow

Common vs. rare

Attractions:  fall color?  flowers?