Field Notes & Writing

Randy not only took copious notes in the field, but also wrote a plethora of journal entries over the years, many of which were intended for a book. He took on many subjects, ranging from gardening to Pleistocene megafauna to land management to the meaning of the “good life”. He wrote about all sorts of things, yet his entries were all connected by one common thread: nature. In his entries, his admiration for the natural world and his disgust for how it has come to be treated and how humans have become disconnected from it is clear. He offers many thoughts and opinions, some sarcastic, some seething, but not without offering some hope and ideas for the future. Randy was committed to learning about the world around him, the world he saw himself as a part of, not separate from, and reading what he wrote gives us a glimpse into the depth of that commitment. At the Norris Center, we have just begun the process of curating this part of Morgan's legacy. If you're interested in helping us organize and publicize his notes and writing, please contact the Norris Center at (831) 459-4763 or email

Table of Contents:


Botanical Writings & Notes

California History

Climate & Vegetation

Gardening & Landscaping

On California

On Nature, Wilderness, Conservation, & Land Management

Miscellaneous Journal Entries, Notes, Thoughts, & Musings