Topsy Turvy (California in 1753)

Latest revolution in communication!  Better than email!  Even better than telephone!  And even better than memos!!  Known to ancient Egyptian mystics, and not rediscovered through the miracle of modern technology, and at last available to the common man.  It’s called “talking”.

Never mind, silly.  But we have gone some way down the path.  For example: a group of tourists watching the nightly spectacle of penguins coming ashore someplace in Australia.  One Japanese tourist in the group was looking at his hand instead of the penguins; he had a little mini-TV gadget and was watching the penguins on that.  Full circle?

Let’s take another look at some basic things:

  • Money—imagine a world where you don’t need any
  • Credit cards—ditto
  • Gas stations and cars and highways and smog—ditto
  • All the latest hi-tech paraphernalia—ditto
  • Garbage—imagine a world where there isn’t any
  • Toxic waste—ditto
  • Pollution—ditto
  • Weeds—ditto
  • Taxes—ditto
  • Commuting—ditto
  • Disease—ditto

Imagine a world where food, shelter, clothing, beautiful scenery, and entertainment are all around you, and free.

Imagine a world where you never had to go to work.  Imagine a world where you were free to go hunting or fishing or swimming whenever you felt like it, any day of the week.  Imagine a world where all your friends live no more than a minute’s walk away.  A world with a party almost every night.  A world where you never had to plant or weed or fertilize or spray or prune or tend your crops, only harvest them.  A world with a high standard of living at no environmental cost.  In fact, a world where the natural environment was actually healthier and more productive because of your presence.

Suppose you woke up and found yourself in such a place.  You might think you’ve died and gone to heaven.  Welcome to California in 1753.  It was too good to last.