The Californication of the World

The Californication of the world. If it didn’t start here then at least people seem to think it did. With Silicon Valley and Disneyland and Hollywood and strip malls and fast food. How sad and ironic that these and other sick aberrations should have arisen in a place so clean and rural and uncorrupted as the “real” California. But . . . when huge amounts of money combine with huge amounts of bad taste . . .

Now the whole world knows and even seems to idolize ifnot love this shallow, false, made-up, phony California, while knowing nothing about the tarnished, beleaguered, erstwhile Eden that has to bear the burden and the fallout of this sick fantasy.

Look at China or any other so-called third-world country today. the people have apparently all convinced themselves that everything western, and especially American, and especially Californian, is cool and must be imitated and sought out and striven for above all else; and conversely, all that is modest and simple and time-tested and (at least to me) beautiful about their own traditional village-centered worlds is ugly and stupid and old fashioned and way un-cool and embarrassing, something actually to be ashamed of instead of proud of . . . this is the poisonous worm that is killing the real beauty of the world.